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Textured Home Painter in Riverside

Whether it’s your first time exploring textured painting options for your home, or knows exactly what you are looking for, Inner City Skyline Inc.  in Riverside CA can help. Our painting contractors work with plaster specialists and drywall contractors to design the perfect texture for your home. Some homeowners are interested in classic design while others are focusing on texture ceiling art and more.

Homeowners have choices when it comes to textured home painting services. An expert can help you determine what will work well for your home by incorporating furniture ideas, themes and more. Interior and exterior textured paint differs and depending on the objective of our clients, we use different painting techniques to achieve the final result.

Interior Faux Paint

Faux style interior painting is just one of the ideas we work with to provide custom textured designs for homeowners. Our expert painters help homeowners design the perfect area for your specific room. Living room faux style painting is very different in comparison to bedrooms. We help you make choices that will work with your homes tradition and ensure 100% satisfaction.

Premium Exterior Painting

Textured exterior paint is great for homeowners that want to add value. There are special premium blends of textured paint that are reflective, durable and can last a lifetime. Customization and color selection is available. Schedule a free in-home estimate to determine if this paint is right for your home.

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