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Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Inner City Skyline, a professional bathroom remodeling contractor for over 25 years has seen our share of bathroom remodeling projects that have gone horribly wrong. What we found most often is that most contractors have no idea how to design a small bathroom to look bigger than it actually is, thus adding value and making better use of the space. What we do differently is professionally install your bathroom with smaller fixtures, walk in shower, and a small vanity to reduce the use of space. Its exciting to show homeowners the old bathroom vs the new bathroom and how much more usable space they have to work with.

Did we mention Ricardo, and our crew of mosaic tile installers? They are one of a kind, talented bathroom tile installers. It is said that 1 every 7 tiles break during installation. That’s additional costs that need to be calculated and without a professional installation, that number is doubled. Our project managers and professional crews reduce the number of Tile cracks and keep projects within budget.

Keeping Bathroom Remodeling Costs Low in Riverside

Homeowners that are concerned about keeping costs low, need to understand that a bathroom that has not been renovated will not meet 21st century standards. Today’s buyers are searching for modern styles that are bright and attractive. Women love to spend hours in the bathroom, especially when getting ready to leave the house. The bathroom should be comfortable, and modern bathrooms come loaded with music players, and brighter LED lights. To keep costs low, a professional installation is required. A contractor that does a messy job will require double the materials, and costs to get it right, thus increasing the budget at least 35% more.

Hiring Inner City Skyline for your Small Bathroom Remodeling

This brings us to why we do things right for small bathroom remodeling in Riverside, and hiring us in turn helps you save thousands of dollars as we price once and stick to the budget. We have a growing list of references and with anything else, we provide everything you need to successful get the project done. We provide planning for your bathroom, professional designs, 3D maps, ordering and installing materials, much more. Our contractors come backed with 25 years of experience to ensure we can get the job done right! Best small bathroom designers in Riverside

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