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Benefits of Drought Landscaping

Inner City Skyline a fully licensed and insured contractor offers professional drought landscaping services in Riverside, CA. Drought landscaping is an important home improvement that can save you money, improve your curb appeal, and help our planet. Some homeowners enjoy the sight of succulents in their gardens, while others enjoy California wild flowers. It’s imperative for our society to plant and grow local plants that accustomed to California odd weather. That’s what we provide for homeowners in Riverside, a professional evaluation of your landscaping, in hopes of earning your business and turning your yard into drought tolerable.

Saving Money with Drought Landscaping

One of the most important reasons for homeowners to go drought tolerable landscaping instead of the typical grass is that it can save you hundreds of dollars immediately. Consider the costs involved with maintaining your lawn; some maintenance costs are lawn mowing, watering, and pest control. Homeowners that choose to go drought tolerable landscaping immediately cut the need to lawn mow their yards, and dramatically reduce the need to water your lawn.

On average homeowners save about $100.00 a month on landscaping and watering costs when switching to drought tolerable. Furthermore, if you had a lawn you know that there are other costs involved with lawn maintenance. Costs for pests are a big deal and some homeowners remove the lawn immediately at the thought of gofers or different insects that naturally come with flush lawns.

Adding Value by upgrading lawns to Succulent/drought landscaping

Succulents are a great way to add curb appeal and reduce your dependence on traditional lawns. Imagine a neighborhood full of traditional lawns and then your house? Homes that stand out are traditionally sold 3x more often, at a higher evaluation compared to neighboring homes. For homeowners that have not seen full flushed succulent gardens, it can be something remarkable and rare. It’s a beautiful sight to see and most new buyers tend to enjoy the scene and the idea that they won’t have to pay extra to keep the lawn professional.

Pest Control is a big problem for traditional landscaping

Traditional landscaping is an ecosystem designed to help nurture bugs, worms, and other insect like animals. Unless you spray harmful chemicals around your house, it’s hard to keep them out. These insects are drawn to areas where there is food and kitchens get infested easily. When you remove your lawn and spray the necessary pesticides, you take back your yard from what lives below. Most homeowners subscribe to a service that regularly comes to spray the homes for insects. Let’s avoid the costs, keep our homes maintenance free! Drought landscaping helps keep pests off your property and is great for people that travel often and are not home that often.

“Are you tired of paying for excessive water bill? Do you want

To save up to $125.00 a month? Take a moment and calculate what

You spend on your landscaping from maintenance and split your

Water bill in half if you have a decent size yard.  It might even more

Than what we estimate!” - Inner City Skyline Can Help!

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