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Porch Foundation repairs

Porch foundations are what hold the porch together and often in Riverside, CA the quakes can alter a foundation and cause major damage to the porch. What is most important to understand about foundation is that it’s very delicate and small shifts in earth can cause severe damages. Most homes often have seismic retrofitting done to reduce the shifts and lower the chances of severe damages. Most porch foundations however are not considered worth the costs as foundation repairs are an expensive home improvement.

What we teach our homeowners in regards to foundation

Foundation as a home improvement project is more important than any other project throughout the house. Homeowners need to understand the biggest investment is reliant on a foundation that is not ready for the next big earthquake. If you understand that, then homeowners are risking a great deal on a faulty foundation considering riverside is near the earthquake zone and it’s difficult to predict how strong the next big earthquake will be. We urge customers in Riverside to review the porch foundation for free. Inner City Skyline offers free foundation estimates for homeowners noticing exterior damages, cracks, shifting in the walls, and uneven flooring.

What is Porch Foundation?

Porch foundation is the lowest load-bearing part of the structure. Its where the weight is placed and how the structure is supported.

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