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Patio Cover Installers In Riverside

Are you interested in installing a patio cover for your home in Riverside? We are Inner City Skyline, a professional installer of patio covers, and patio enclosures in and around Riverside County. Homeowners that choose us for their patio get a professional installation, with permits for their home. Did we mention we offer affordable patio covers? Our patio covers are priced accurately and come in all sizes, budgets, and materials. We stand by our installation, and our professionalism with each project. Our 25 years of experience assures homeowners it’s not our 1st installation and our vast history of installation give our customers a references to verify.

Custom Designed Patio Cover

Patio covers are particularly useful during the summer when the heat is unbearable and it sure gets hot in Riverside. Inner City Skyline in Riverside custom designs your patio to fit your needs during any given day. Some homeowners ask why a custom designed patio cover is better than a standard patio cover? When a homeowner needs to add sliding down shades, a standard patio cover does not offer the same options. Furthermore, a typical designed patio cover comes in vinyl which is affordable. What if you need a patio cover that is made from aluminum with a metallic reflective cool roof to keep your outdoor cool? When you choose a custom option, you are in control of the materials used and how creative you want your patio to look. It’s all about a well-designed product, to match your needs at the affordable price.

Patio Cover costs in Riverside

As each project differs for us in Riverside, CA we would love to arrange a time to meet you and show you what we can do. Custom patio covers, at an affordable price. Costs range from $4558 - $15250 for simple yet intuitive designs.

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