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Kitchen counters are one of the most important aspects of the kitchen, and comparing prices of functional and beautiful counter tops will help homeowners get the most out of the kitchen remodeling. Choose Inner City Skyline Inc. And let us show you samples of top brands and professionally install it for you!

Choosing the right Countertop for your kitchen | Riverside CA

There are number of different options for countertops for kitchens in Riverside. For homeowners starting a new kitchen remodeling project, planning which type of kitchen counters are crucial for a successful kitchen remodeling. Homeowners that love to cook are recommended one type of kitchen counters vs those that eat out more frequently and want something shiny and exotic. Inner city Skyline, a professional general contractor and kitchen remodeling designers offer customization and a well-built kitchen with a fraction of the costs in comparison to the industry standards. The way we price our kitchen remodeling is simply by customizing what you need in your kitchen verses what might be an extra addition feature that won’t work well with your lifestyle.

Comparing Kitchen countertops

Comparing different counters will help you choose the right one for your kitchen in Riverside. For homeowners that often cook at home, and spend time with children in the kitchen, we recommend using solid surface Corian branded counters. They look professional, and yet require little or no maintenance. It does get scratched often but removing scratches is not that difficult as its simple as a sanding down the surface.  The costs are in line with natural stone and that might be a problem for most homeowners that are 1st time buyers and do not have the budget for something grand. Laminate kitchen counters are another option and are more affordable. It’s a cheaper product to have for a kitchen, but works well overall. Costs are 2X less than solid surface and often used for rentals.

Expensive Kitchen Counters Riverside

When you go on to higher end counters, we recommend Granite countertops as a viable option for luxury homes. Sealing is a concern for these types of counters, but homeowners have the luxury of picking natural stones that look and feel great! Costs are uncomfortably high for most homeowners and it does require sturdier cabinets but overall the value is kept well. Those that don’t want to deal with the natural stone feel can simply go concrete counters and the look is very professional. It’s commonly used and it offers an affordable yet discrete style that most homeowners enjoy.

The options are endless when it comes to choosing the right counters for your project. We showed you some of our favorites but have not touched up on all of the counters that are available for homeowners. Call us to go over what we can do for you, how we can get you costs affordable counters at wholesale prices! Free estimates for your kitchen counter project in Riverside, CA.

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