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Kitchen Additions are one of the best ways to ADD value to your home and make it easier to create a duplex for the future. Think ahead and get a free quote today!

Second story kitchen Addition | Riverside CA

When a homeowner decides to expand, it’s an excellent idea to consider adding a second story with a permitted kitchen and bathroom in Riverside. A second story once the city approves can add plenty of value to homeowners as it will be the room for the family to spend time and make things dirty. Inner City Skyline strongly believes in room additions for Riverside as it’s a new community driven by low prices and competitive real estate market. Nothing adds more value than a second story kitchen that can be used as the main kitchen for the house, while the downstairs would be for guests.

Riverside rise in Duplexes

Riverside community is a mostly homeowner driven city that has plenty of room for renters to grow. As homeowners, creating multiple unit structures can benefit the community as it will bring in more people and opportunity for growth and success increases as the city grows. Second story kitchen additions are especially great as it makes it easier to turn your upstairs into a rental unit and creating a duplex. Average rent for Riverside is roughly $750 -   $950 monthly. Taking advantage of your upstairs if done right can be a supplemental income for your retirement in the next 15 – 20 years.

Inner City Skyline, a licensed and insured general contractor that offers room additions, kitchen additions for homeowners. If you need to expand and need to expand right with the correct permits, we come highly recommended. Our contractors, project managers and remodeling specialists offer custom options for homeowners that want to add a special touch of them with each addition. We go beyond the traditional structural installation, and offer customization and well planned design that will increase value, and add competitive nature to the market. Get a free no cost estimate and find out how we can build your next investment addition today! Kitchen addition specialists in Riverside, CA

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