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How Cabinet Resurfacing keeps costs low

When homeowners are concerned about budgeted remodeling, our general contractors that specialize in kitchen remodeling and design consider cabinet resurfacing as an option for homeowners in Riverside.  Cabinets that were installed 20 years ago with solid wood from high quality trims can be resurfaced to look like brand new cabinets without the costs. Cabinet resurfacing is a process of adding top quality veneer to existing cabinets similar to a facelift. Our professional kitchen cabinet installation contractors continue to find better ways to help homeowners upgrade their kitchen cabinets while keeping costs low.

Example of Keeping Cabinet Costs Low

When you decide to do a full kitchen remodeling with cabinet replacements, just your new cabinets can costs you $10,000 - $25,000 depending on the type and features. We did a project for a homeowner in Riverside, CA that bought quality used cabinets from a manufacture that had a return. That said, he paid for half the cost. The cabinets then were resurfaced with the color/textured that he wanted (dark oak) and then resealed to perfection. Overall cabinet installation if brand new would have cost $17,955 but we did it for less than $4,900.

What we recommend most homeowners in Riverside is if you can reuse your existing cabinets do so with a professional resurfacing. If you are unable to go forth, we recommend you upgrade with custom design cabinet layout scheme with Inner City Skyline in Riverside.

Schedule your free In-Home estimate for cabinet resurfacing with Inner City Skyline and discover how you can save up to 35% with quality cabinet resurfacing! Brand name kitchen remodeling and repairs for homeowners.

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