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Drought Landscape Contractor

Drought Landscape Contractors are contractors by nature. Contractors are licensed experts that specialize in a given trade and provide installations and repair services for that specific trade. Drought Landscapers are designers and laborers with degrees if you can imagine. For complex and variety, you choose drought landscape contractor that can effectively design a layout to reduce water consumption, while meeting all the needs of the homeowner.


A gardener by nature can also do what a drought landscape contractor can do but in less intensity. A gardener is a glorified laborer that manages laborers for your lawn mowing, trimming and maintenance of your yard. New installation, succulent installation, and lawn removal services are usually reserved for a drought landscape contractor.

To Summarize

You call a gardener when you need to mow your lawn, or trim the hedges. You reach out for a drought landscaping contractor, or landscaping contractor for everything else.

Common Services We Do

Drought Landscaping Designs

Patio Installation

Deck Installation

Lawn Removal/Tree Removal

Hardscaping / Pavers

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What is the difference between landscapers and gardeners?

Home Improvement Connections also known as Inner City Skyline Inc. in Riverside, CA wants to compare gardeners and landscape contractors as many people confuse the two. Homeowners can choose gardeners and landscapers for various projects for the outdoors. It’s crucial to understand who to contact and what to expect when it comes to workmanship and creativity.

On the Right we have custom drought landscaping design, while on the left the left we have a gardener mowing the lawn. One is maintenance while the other is new installation.

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