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Drought landscaping contractor in Riverside

Inner City Skyline decided to do our part and help homeowners save water by turning their old grass lawns into new drought friendly landscaping. Drought tolerable landscaping in riverside can consist of complex designs or simple dessert like landscaping to suppress the need for water. Our drought landscaping contractor is an expert in installing succulent gardens, for homeowners looking for a fresh dessert like area without excessive gravel. Homeowners looking for a budgeted landscaping project can enjoy affordable prices on simple yet environmentally friendly landscaping that will reduce your water consumption and help California tackle the drought. Riverside county and riverside has been struggling to keep up with the water demand and it’s time to take action by reducing the largest single family water consumer of all time. Call us to schedule your free drought landscaping estimate today, or just inquire online and let us call you.

Incentives and Rebates in Riverside

Inner City Skyline offers incentives and discounts for homeowners that want to turn their lawns into drought friendly landscaping. We are trying to do our part to help motivate homeowners to lead the way for the rest of society. In addition to company discounts, (call for details) their are government incentives that help turn live grass a small rebate to help cover part of the landscaping project. Imagine local governments offering incentives and rebates to help you save money. That's right, drought landscaping projects are an investment into your home and in your community.

Types of Drought Landscaping

  1. Succulent Garden landscaping without grass
  2. Wood chip and succulent garden combos
  3. Concrete walkways with artificial turf
  4. Artificial turf to look like regular landscaping
  5. Expanded patio with succulent gardens
  6. Drip irrigation systems with gravel and succulents

Take advantage of the incentives and rebates today! Call 855-751-4663 for your free no cost estimate for your drought landscaping project.

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