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Remodel Your Bathroom with Energy Efficiency in Mind

In today’s society, energy efficiency is crucial part of remodeling and no one does it better than Inner City Skyline. Inner City Skyline is your #1 source for bathroom remodeling in Riverside. As a reliable and trusted general contractor for over 25 years, we have made big shifts in providing better materials, and more energy efficient than ever before. Homeowners that understand the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades can value how much water and electricity is being wasted in the bathroom. Our contractors can determine the most energy water conscious materials by using a standard chart with the latest toilets, showerheads, and low flow faucets available in the market. We can then turn attention to your electricity and upgrade your regular bulbs to long lasting LED bulbs that produces more light in less voltage.

Energy efficiency vs keeping costs low

When you decided you and your family consider going energy efficient, knowing how to successfully remodel your bathroom and keep costs low in Riverside can be challenging. There are suppliers that offer quality products at a huge discount compared to products found regularly at Home Depot or Lowe's. It’s imperative to do your shopping and reach out to both local and foreign suppliers for quality and durability without the price. The next way we keep costs low is determining how much energy and water we want to save in order to keep within our budget. We cost evaluate each product we can purchase. If a product offers 10% more but its priced at a point way out of our budget, it will not be considered and vice versa. That is why we spend a significant amount of time introducing ourselves with our free estimate. We go over options, and make sure we have a strong budget to get the job done right. We even offer financing for those that have no cash now, but want to go energy efficient. Call us or inquire online to schedule a time to meet our bathroom contractors!

Types of Energy efficient products

Dual flush toilets

Low Flow showerheads

Low flow faucets

LED Recessed lighting

Heated flooring

Radiant Mirrors

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