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Bathroom Remodeling Costs Riverside

Inner City Skyline, a well-established general contractor offers bathroom remodeling and design services for homeowners in Riverside; CA. Homeowners interested in comparing costs can arrange a free in home estimate and go over each aspect of the bathroom remodeling project in detail with a well-trained representative of our company.

Overall Costs for Bathroom Remodeling

On average, most full bathroom remodeling projects done in Riverside have ranged from $6,700 - $9,200 depending on the basic materials homeowners choose. What makes us different is that we have a bathroom for every budget. Homeowners that have a grand budget have options like top quality granite counters and vanities that are built from durable and high quality wood. Homeowners that want creativity have options for mosaic tiles, or modern grout based tile.

Costs for materials

To calculate bathroom remodeling costs, it’s important to separately calculate materials without labor. When you calculate a decent vanity, measure the areas that need tiles, a brand new shower, shower head, faucets, lighting, basic plumbing, and a shower door the costs equate to $3,200 - $4,800 for basic materials nothing fancy. When you calculate the labor that will take to install the bathroom professionally, it leaves barely enough to cover all the costs without any mistakes.

Compare prices for your project today by calling and booking your free no cost estimate. Call us today 855-751-4663 or fill out our web form for your free quote today.

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