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Water Problem in California

California is a state struggling to make ends meet when it comes to water preservation and supporting our 35 million people and growing. It’s hard as most of our water comes from fresh water lakes outside of California. The costs of importing water is becoming a problem on the state and that is fueling the fire for homeowners that want to lower water bill and help our state reduce our water imports.

Why Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is grass that is made from synthetic materials that takes the place of live grass. Its relatively easy to install and it’s a one-time fee for installation. What truly is revolutionary is that homeowners won’t have to pay for lawn maintenance, pest control, water, or any other costs associated with the lawn. Some smart Home owner associations are converting their lawns into drought tolerable landscaping or artificial turf to reduce the HOA costs and save money. This is a big concern for most HOA ran apartment complex. It’s difficult for homeowners to pay $300.00 a month when $100.00 of that is going to lawn maintenance which can be avoided.

Is Artificial Turf safe for pets and children?

Pets and children tend to love artificial turf the most as its completely safe. Children have a soft rubbery style grass to play around in without the dirt and bugs. Pets enjoy the soft rubber synthetic feel of the grass. Keep your grass clean with a simple power wash every few years.

Costs for Artificial Turf

We recommend a free custom in-home estimate for artificial turf project as it has different options and design to consider. A newly designed landscaping project can benefit because there would not be a need to remove the grass as it’s a fresh installation. On average homeowners is paying $8.00 - $15.00 per square foot depending on type of artificial turf. Costs range dramatically and availability of the products vary as well. Lifetime warranty for artificial grass is also a factor so get a free quote for your artificial installation in Riverside Today.

Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf Installers

Inner City Skyline a fully licensed contractor and outdoor remodeling specialists offers drought landscaping and artificial turf installation for homeowners looking to reduce their water bill and save money. There are multiple reasons why artificial turf is the future and regular grass is left where water is easily available.

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